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Garrett Brogan
Idaho FFA State Sentinel

Many of us have just finished up or are about to start showing and presenting our Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects.  We have put a lot of time into our SAE's and everyone can tell. Good luck to everyone at our fairs and congratulations to all participants.  Take the experiences we have gone through at our fairs and use them to better ourselves through this year and better our SAE for next year.  Enjoy these experiences and have

Recently some of our district presidents and vice-presidents came to Boise for Joint Student Leadership where they learned some new leadership skills that they will bring back to everyone.  Ask them about what they learned and find a few things that all of us can take from what they learned.

School is about to begin - let's get excited!  It may be our first year, our last year or somewhere in between. We get the opportunity to be in agriculture classes, participate in district socials, as well as get to know our advisors and fellow members.  These are exciting times for us!

At one of our conferences earlier this year, we learned four concepts to live by:
1.Risk boldy-never go half in give it all you got. 

2.Seize the day-make the most of everything you do and take advantage of what you have. 

3.Seek improvement-always seek to grow and better yourself. 

4.Support honesty-always support others when they are being honest with you and never put down those that are talking to you honestly.  We have some great opportunites this year have fun with them and go and do it. 


Take these things to heart as we get excited about this year. Remember to show others our passion for FFA.  What are we here for, what are we doing, and why are we doing this?   By living these four principles we can show others what FFA is and inspire others to join this organization.  Idaho FFA is in a growing stage and its going to be fun. Let's make the most of it! Get excited and, as always, Rise Above!


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