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Technology, Life, and Careers Curriculum

A Middle School Curriculum for Career Education

A list of tasks and competencies prepared by committee members reflects the knowledge and skills currently recommended for middle school students (grades 6, 7, 8). Students who complete this experience will be well prepared to complete a recommended student learning plan for their high school experience.

Task lists are grouped according to competencies that all students will need and will apply to all Career Clusters. These tasks and enabling objectives are used as the basis for instruction. Teachers in vocational technical and family and consumer sciences education are encouraged to plan and teach with other exploratory area teachers as well as core area teachers whenever those partnerships can be arranged.

Course Description

This introductory course concentrates on classroom exploration of a wide variety of career options. Areas of study include: career interests, the world of work, human relations, health and safety, the impact of technology, and process skills. Students will deal with situations and issues relating to self, family, workplace, community and world. Knowledge and skills gained will help students expand life management skills to increase confidence and satisfaction at home, in the community and on the job. This experience introduces students to the knowledge, basic skills and attitudes needed for any occupation and an introduction to Idaho's Career Clusters system.

Important Information

Delivery of the Technology, Life and Careers Curriculum

It is recommended that where possible teachers collaborate and/or team teach this curriculum. An active hands-on atmosphere where technology is used is the ideal setting for this experience. Work-based experiences such as job shadowing, career fairs and service learning would enhance this experience.

Teacher Qualifications

One teacher on the team of teachers providing instruction of this experience should be vocationally certified in Family and Consumer Sciences or Technology Education. Other teachers on the team would be those who enjoy an active hands-on environment. It is highly recommended that teachers have some industry experience, such as an internship, to gain knowledge about career opportunities in a variety of occupations.

Length and Level of the Course

This experience is designed for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. The length of this experience will vary with the activities and resources delivered by the team.

Intended Outcomes

  • Explore Career Interests
  • Explore the World of Work
  • Explore Human Relations Skills
  • Explore Health and Safety
  • Explore Technology
  • Explore Process Skills

Curriculum Guide for Technology, Life & Careers