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Key Elements for an Effective Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

Coordinated Guidance Curriculum

Sequential, well-structured activities and experiences coordinated by grade level which focus on student competencies in areas of self knowledge, education and occupation exploration, and career/life planning. It is designed to make an impact on students in the most effective way to make career decisions and plan for life.

Individual Assessment

An integrated process involving the acquisition of student information from a variety of sources: e.g. interest inventories, aptitude tests, computerized career information assessments, achievement test results, and grades.

Parent Conferences

Annual review of student assessment, performance, and goals.

Planning Document

A formalized written plan which students use to map progress. It gives students the responsibility for organizing planning information. A working portfolio can be used to coordinate student learning. It begins to prepare students to analyze and explain planning information.

Performance Portfolio

A formal collection of materials produced in a variety of media that document student achievement — educational, personal, and occupational.


This provides continuity to the entire planning process. It is the means by which students, counselors, teachers and parents maintain an organized understanding of where the student is and what needs to be done to help the student move forward and accomplish his/her goals.

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