Learn, Lead, Succeed!

What the Centers For New Directions Offer

The Centers for New Directions provide:

  • Personal, career and educational counseling
  • Assessment and testing
  • Training in life skills
  • Pre-employment and pre-training preparation; and
  • Supportive services

The Centers work with local service providers to avoid duplication of effort. They play an integral part in the employment and training delivery system in their regions.

Legislative reports from past fiscal years summarize CND activities and progress.

The Career Pioneer Network is one specific project that Centers are in collaboration on. In our effort to helpf single parents and displaced homemakers be self-sufficient, we recognize that some employment fields result in higher earnings. Training an individual for employment in a field where less than 25% of their gender is employed (the deifinition of a 'nontraditional field') most often allows the worker to make a living wage and realize self-sufficiency.