Learn, Lead, Succeed!

Scholarship Advice

  1. Start saving your essays that might be adapted to college admissions essays or scholarship application essays.
  2. Stay involved in school and the community.
  3. After learning how to use www.idahocis.org continue your search for post-secondary institutions and interests.
  4. Begin to incorporate leadership into your activities. Many students believe that leadership is limited to positions like President of the National Honor Society or Vice President of the Student Council. While these are great examples of leadership, there are lots of other ways to be a leader! If you are helping coach a little league team, working as a camp counselor, or if you are tutoring others, you are a leader. If you organized the church dinner or were chairperson of a committee, you have leadership experience.
  5. Keep your resume up to date with celebrations of all the great things you've been doing. There is a resume program on www.idahocis.org.