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SkillsUSA Idaho Conference Results 2010 -2013

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SLSC 2013 Secondary Results

SLSC 2013 Postsecondary Results

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SLSC 2012 Postsecondary Results

(SLSC) 2012- 2013 Master Score List by Event

2013 SLSC Results "S"

2013 SLSC Results "PS"

2012 SLSC Results
"S& PS"


3-D Visualization & Animation 3-D Vis & Animation (NoEvent) 3-D Visualization & Animation  
Advertising Design Advertising Design (NoEvent) Advertising Design  
American Spirit S American Spirit (NoEvent) American Spirit  
Architectural Drafting S Architectural Drafting PS Architectural Drafting  
Automotive S Automotive PS Automotive  
Automated Manufacturing Tech S Automated Manufacturing Tech PS Automated Manufacturing Tech  
Auto Refinishing Technology S Auto Refinishing Technology PS Auto Refinishing Technology

Aviation Maintenance Tech (NoEvent) Aviation Maintenance Technology Aviation Maintenance Technology  
Broadcast News Prod S Broadcast News Prod (NoEvent) Broadcast News Prod  
Career Pathways -Industrial & Eng- NR/Ag/Food S Career Pathways -Industrial & Eng- NR/Ag/Food (NoEvent)
Career Pathways -Industrial & Eng- NR/Ag/Food  
Cabinetmaking S Cabinetmaking PS Cabinetmaking  
Carpenty S Carpenty (NoEvent) Carpenty  
Chapter Display S Chapter Display (NoEvent) Chapter Display  
CNC Milling S CNC Milling CNC Milling  
CNC Turning (NoEvent) CNC Turning PS CNC Turning  
Collision Repair Tech S Collision Repair Tech PS Collision Repair Tech  
Commercial Baking (NoEvent) Commercial Baking PS Commercial Baking  
Community Service S Community Service (NoEvent) Community Service  
Computer Maintenance Technology S Computer Maintenance Technology PS Computer Maintenance Technology  
Computer Programming S Computer Programming (NoEvent) Computer Programming  
Culinary Arts (NoEvent) Culinary Arts PS Culinary Arts  
Customer Service S Customer Service PS Customer Service  
Diesel Equipment Technology S Diesel Equipment Technology PS Diesel Equipment Technology  
Electronics Technology S Electronics Technology PS Electronics Technology
Engineering Technology/Design S Engineering Technology/Design (NoEvent) Engineering Technology/Design  
Entrepreneurship S Entrepreneurship (NoEvent) Extemporaneous Speaking  
Extemporaneous Speaking S Extemporaneous Speaking PS Firefighting  
Firefighting S Firefighting (NoEvent) Food & Beverage Service  

Internetworking S

Job Interview S

Internetworking PS

Job Interview PS

Job Skill Demon A S Job Skill Demon A PS Job Interview  
Masonry S Masonry (NoEvent) Job Skill Demon A  
Mobile Electronics S
Motorcycle Service Tech S
Mobile Electronics (NoEvent)
Motorcycle Service Tech PS
Opening and Closing Ceremonies S Opening and Closing Ceremonies (NoEvent) Opening and Closing Ceremonies  
Outstanding Chapter S Outstanding Chapter (NoEvent) Outstanding Chapter  
Photography S Photography (NoEvent) Photography  
Photojournalism S Photojournalism (NoEvent) Power Equipment Technology  
Power Equipment Technology S Power Equipment Technology PS Precision Machining Technology  
Precision Machining Technology S Precision Machining Technology PS Prepared Speech  
Prepared Speech S Prepared Speech (NoEvent) Principles of Technology  
Principles of Technology S Principles of Technology (NoEvent) Promotional Bulletin Board  
Promotional Bulletin Board S Promotional Bulletin Board (NoEvent) Quiz Bowl  
Quiz Bowl S Quiz Bowl (NoEvent) Related Technical Math  
Related Technical Math S Related Technical Math PS Residential Sys Installation & Maint
Residential Sys Installation & Maint S
Residential Sys Installation & Maint (NoEvent)
Technical Computer Applications
Restaurant Service (NoEvent) Restaurant Service PS Technical Drafting  
Technical Computer Applications S Technical Computer Applications (NoEvent) Telecommunications & Cabling  
Technical Drafting S Technical Drafting PS Television (Video) Production

Telecommunications & Cabling S Telecommunications & Cabling (NoEvent) Web Design  
Web Design S Web Design (NoEvent)    
Welding S Welding PS    
Welding Fabrications S Welding Fabrications (NoEvent)    


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