Learn, Lead, Succeed!


Applications are accepted only when a new track (cohesive geographic group) is ready to be enrolled. The announcement of a new track is sent to agency CPM® Coordinators and also appears on the News page of this website. Agency Coordinators forward approved applications to the CPM® Administrator at PTE for final selection. The CPM® Administrator works with the CPM® Selection Committee and advises applicants of their status and next steps for enrollment.

Eligibility for Enrollment

  • Be employed by an Idaho government entity
  • Hold one of the following positions:

    …A supervisor or manager
    …A program manager responsible for technical or professional support
    …An individual identified by an agency as showing potential for advancement into management

  • Receive the endorsement of an immediate
    supervisor or higher management
  • Commit to complete requirements for certification
  • Complete approved pre-requisites

Pre-Requisites for Enrollment

Applicants may fulfill pre-requisites by using criteria from any one of the main categories below:

Category I - Supervision/Management Training
A minimum of 30 hours of supervision or management training within the past seven (7) years which included:

  • Role of Supervision/Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Self Management – managing time, stress, and emotions; having organizational integrity
  • Communication – defining styles; listening; giving direction; working with generational differences
  • Performance Management – hiring; setting expectations; giving feedback; appraising performance; disciplining; documenting
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Conflict Resolution – resolving employee problems
  • EEO
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Customer Service

    The Supervisory Skills Online - Courses for Idaho State Employees (NIC) and the Leadership Development Program (BSU) meet this Category requirement)

Category II - Education
A related higher degree within the past fifteen (15) years such as:

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Public Administration

Category III - Experience
A minimum of two (2) years as a supervisor or manager which required performing the functions of performance management.

Category IV - Supervisor Endorsement
A supervisor may endorse a quality candidate by providing written documentation of the candidate’s aptitude, motivation, and commitment, using the components below:

  • Leadership – shows the ability to inspire and lead others; has a vision for the organization and its future
  • Management – works with and through others to achieve results; is able to self-manage
  • Communication – writes and speaks with clarity and preciseness for maximum understanding; demonstrates good listening skills
  • Motivation – is enthusiastic about their work; is self-directed
  • Influence – is inspiring to others, indicating a positive regard to State service and the CPM® program
  • Self Development – is interested in life-long learning and developing skills and knowledge; takes on personal challenges
  • Flexibility – is open to change and new ideas; can cope with ambiguity
  • Work Quality & Productivity – maintains top quality and productivity of work assignments
  • Ability to Meet Program Requirements – can meet the expectations and assignment of the CPM® program in a professional manger
  • Professional Image – presents an image of leadership and management through professional behavior and demeanor

Program Fees

Registration fees total $2,375, paid in five payments of $475 per level over 2-3 fiscal years. The first payment is due when a new track program begins.  Fees are normally paid by the sponsoring agency.



  • Complete application form online, print, and sign
  • Document eligibility requirements and motivation for enrollment as two separate documents and attach to your application
  • Obtain your supervisor’s signature and the signature of your administrator and/or director on your application
  • Submit the printed application and documents to your agency CPM® Coordinator for processing