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CPM Administrator News!

Connie Pratt has been planning toward her retirement as CPM Administrator for the past year; she made it official on October 3, 2014. Connie began the Certified Public Manager® Program in 2000 and was instrumental in growing the CPM program and providing leadership programs for state agencies and the City of Boise. It has truly been an honor to work with Connie and see firsthand the level of passion she has for the CPM Program. 

As part of her commitment to the program, Connie was steadfast in her desire to find a replacement who would have the skills, ability, and enthusiasm to not only continue the program, but to help it flourish. We are pleased to announce that we have found that replacement. Amanda Howes joined us from the State Controller’s Office on September 15, 2014. She had the opportunity to train with Connie and attend the National CPM Consortium meeting prior to Connie’s departure.

Amanda has a Master’s in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Communication. Her knowledge of State government, Human Resources, and her training experience will be an excellent fit for the role of the CPM Program Manager. Please welcome Amanda in her new role!

(Amanda's email address is amanda.howes@pte.idaho.gov; her phone number is 208-429-5519.)

Moving Up

CPM graduates keep moving up in their careers, maintaining and enjoying a promotion rate of over 50’%. To date, 261 graduates have received a promotion.  Fourteen (14) of those were received in 2014. Current students who received a promotion number five. Graduation from the CPM Program counts as a year of management experience when applying for state positions.

Curriculum Changes

Curriculum changes beginning with Boise Track 12 in November 2013 included an on-line writing class, Effective Business Writing. This methodology allowed participants to work on their own time, at their own rate, and in those writing areas where they needed more clarification. A pre-test helped students discover the areas needed for improvement. 

Another addition was a management 360 degree assessment which provided students with excellent feedback from manager, peers, and direct reports to recognize their strengths and realize growth opportunities. From their profiles, students developed personal goals to work on throughout their time in the CPM Program.

Additional study will surround the concepts of Intercultural Communication, Public Input Processes, Executive Core Competencies developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and the Interconnected Web of People Skills.   

2013 Graduation

On December 13, 2013, amid a room of beautiful poinsettias and a packed crowd, the Certified Public Manager® Program graduated forty-six (46) participants in the Idaho State Capitol, Lincoln Auditorium. To meet national certification requirements, graduates completed a comprehensive curriculum of study on public management and completed a project for their respective agencies which resulted in a process improvement or an enhancement of current operations.

The 2013 graduates represented government employees from the Boise area and Eastern Idaho.


2013 Graduates

Boise Track 11

Melody Le-Yi Bowyer
Casandra L. Crowell
James Cryer
Rita Dianne Dixon
Katie Elden
Matthew Gamette
Amy Hohnstein
Douglas Johnson
Denise R. King
Jeff Kirkman
Joseph Robert Kozfkay
Stephanie L. Little
Amy Lorenzo
Glenn Luke
Joyce K. Mason
Denise L. McNeley
Leslie Mickelsen
Jessica Moncada
Kimberly Morrison
Teri A. Murrison
Anna M. Owsiak
Jason William Pappani
Vicki Parkinson
Theresa K. Perry
Brandon Phillips
Jennifer Quinno-Miller
Hawk Stone
Richard Ward
Craig G. White
Bryan Zibbell

East Track 4

Shannon Ansley
Glenn Roy Armstrong
Britt Ashby
Kristen Jeanne Bastis
Tyler Craig Butler
Mark Carson
Katherine Felder
Thomas L. Genera
Artie Holmes
Kathryn Ludwig
Scott MacDonald
Pamela McCarroll
Michael Rowe
Matthew Thomsen
Russell E. Wheatley

Boise Track 10

Barton C. Douglass

Todd Schwarz, Administrator of the Division of Professional-Technical Education, hosted the Graduation Ceremony and shared his appreciation of all the students had accomplished. Brad Little, Lieutenant Governor, presented the keynote address describing the many changes made in our state due to progressive leadership.

Selected from their peers to represent their track and make a presentation at the graduation ceremonies were Mark Carson, Department of Fish & Game, and Amy Lorenzo, Office of Performance Evaluations. They spoke of the unique experience of being a member of their track, of the close bonds and networking they developed, and of the heightened responsibility in knowing that each graduate could make a difference in public service. They stressed the need for innovation and continued change.

Certificates of completion were presented to each graduate by their respective agency director. Agencies represented were Administration, City of Boise, State Controller’s Office, Department of Correction, Environmental Quality, Fish & Game, Idaho State Police, Idaho State University, Juvenile Corrections, Labor, the Lottery, the Office of Performance Evaluations, Parks & Recreation, Soil & Water Conservation Commission, South Central Public Health, and Southeast District Health.

The award for Outstanding Project was awarded to Anna Owsiak for her excellent work in creating a complex project: Avoiding the Money Pit: A Proposal to Replace ID Depart of Fish & Game Wildlife Habitat Program Infrastructure. Her work required considerable collaboration and negotiation among stakeholders and resulted in a template workable to any unit of F&G. Her award was presented by Renee Eymann, Public Information Specialist from the Idaho Tax Commission.

Special awards were given by peers of each track. They included:

Most Likely to Succeed Award

  • Jeff Kirkman, Boise Track 11, Department of Correction
  • Pamela McCarroll, East Track 4, Department of Correction

Most Changed Award

  • Douglas Johnson, Boise Track 11, Idaho State Police
  • Katherine Felder, East Track 4, Department of Correction

Most Congenial Award

  • Anna Owsiak, Boise Track 11, Department of Fish & Game
  • Tyler Butler, East Track 4, Southeast District Health

Following the Graduation Ceremony, a lively reception was held in the Senate Dining Room.

Idaho's Askew Award Winners

The Askew Award is awarded each year to participating states at the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers in honor of George Askew, a national leader in the CPM Program. A medallion is given to each state's nominee to acknowledge exemplary work in the completion of their CPM Project.


Idaho’s Askew Award Winners





Anna Owsiak, Department of Fish & Game
"Avoiding the Money Pit: A Proposal to Replace Idaho Department of Fish & Game Wildlife Habitat Program Infrastructure"

Don Kemner, Department of Fish & Game
"Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership"

2010 David Peters, Department of Health and Welfare
"Juvenile Mental Health Court Starter Kit"
2009 Chuck Kinkead, Department of Correction
“Computerized Maintenance Management System”
2008 Shelley Keen, Department of Water Resources
“Empowering Regional Staff to issue Water Right Approvals”
2007 Pamela Rausch, Department of Labor
“ONES (On-Line Nonmonetary Entry System)
2006 Gina Westcott, Department of Health & Welfare
“Shelter Home Resource Directory”
2005 Annette Wilkinson, Department of Health & Welfare
“Early Childhood Mental Health”
2004 Tom Gerlitz, Department of Health & Welfare
“Interviewing & Hiring Strategies for Idaho Department of Health & Welfare”

CPM® Graduate Comments...

“I thoroughly enjoyed the CPM experience and would highly recommend the program to others. I learned a great deal from the classes…as I expected I would. The unanticipated benefit of participation in the program was the knowledge I gained about other state agencies of Idaho state government, the enhanced understanding of the functions and operations of other agencies; and the creation of lasting friendships with Idaho state employees that I had the opportunity to meet through CPM.”



“The CPM course was extremely worthwhile. The true value came into focus for me once I became more familiar with my associates in the program and their particular backgrounds and skill sets. Even though it has been three years since graduation, I still regularly rely upon some of my classmates to talk through various issues in the workplace.”



“The caliber of instructors and materials used in the CPM program are outstanding. The courses are relevant and provide the participants with the opportunity to develop and hone skills needed to manage within the state system. I think the clear advantage to this program over any other is the direct correlation in each class to the state of Idaho. The access to state experts is wonderful, and many instructors offer themselves as resources. I think the program clearly meets the goal of developing public sector managers. I also like the format, which provides opportunity to the participants to take theory and put it into practice in the workplace, before going to the next topic.”



“I greatly under estimated the CPM program. I did not expect personal change. CPM® went beyond just reaffirming some of my work strengths. I received an education that made me become introspective and expose some of my weaknesses. I found myself looking at work situations and people differently. I started applying techniques to improve leadership, motivate team members, and gain greater purpose for managing. At first, I did not stop to think change was coming from my CPM experience. However, a gradual realization crept in.”



“This program has legs, and can take my team to new places in performing our work. Every graduate of CPM must complete a project as part of the requirement to become a Certified Public Manager. I cannot over emphasize how meaningful and important this is for the CPM candidate and their organization. The project tested me at many levels. It brought into focus the many techniques, methods, and knowledge gained by going through the various classes and assignments. It is a privilege to be a part of something which enables the individual to take life to next level.”