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PTE Advanced Opportunities in Idaho: A Secondary/Postsecondary Collaboration

Read about it here: PTE Advanced Opportunities/IDAHO SkillStack

What are PTE Advanced Opportunities?

PTE Advanced Opportunities, formerly known as Tech Prep, is one of the four advanced opportunities recognized by the State Board of Education, and links approved high school professional-technical programs to certificate and degree programs at a technical college.
The Tech Prep Program is now referred to PTE Advanced Opportunities. Changes to policy now specify two options for high school students interested in professional-technical courses:

    • Dual Credit – technical courses
    • Technical Competency Credit, formerly known as Tech Prep

    Why PTE Advanced Opportunities?

    PTE Advanced Opportunities provide students with the technical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to prepare for high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations in current or emerging professions.

    Students benefit by:
  • Improving the transition from high school to college
  • Not repeating course competencies already mastered
  • Earning advanced credits while in high school and needing fewer college courses to graduate
  • Reducing tuition costs
  • Connects learning to career pathways
  • Of the 20 occupations with the highest job vacancy rates in Idaho, 17 are tied to PTE Career Pathways
  • 92% of technical college completers found jobs or continued their education

Elements of PTE Advanced Opportunities:

  • Has an approved articulation agreement between high schools and postsecondary institutions
  • Integrates academic and technical education and, if appropriate and available, work-based learning
  • Provides technical preparation for careers
  • Builds student competence in core academic and technical areas

Dual Credit
Dual Credit is a program allowing high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma and a postsecondary degree or certificate. Dual Credit is awarded to a student on his or her postsecondary and high school transcript for the successful completion of a single course. Students may enroll in dual credit courses taught at the high school, online, or on the college campus.
Two types of postsecondary credit may now be earned:

    • Academic – Academic credits apply to postsecondary academic programs and some postsecondary technical programs
    • Technical – Technical credits generally only apply to postsecondary technical programs.

Students should work closely with their advisor(s) to ensure the credit earned in their dual credit course will apply to their intended postsecondary degree program. Dual Credit is eligible for Fast Forward funds and cost to students is $65 per credit.

Technical Competency Credit (TCC)
Technical Competency Credit (TCC) allows high school students to document proficiency in the skills and abilities they develop in approved high school professional-technical programs. TCC is evaluated for postsecondary transcription at a later date (up to two years). Technical Competency Credits are awarded for skills and competencies identified as eligible through a TCC Agreement with at least one Idaho postsecondary institution; it is not course-to-course articulation.
Students participating in a high school program approved for TCC are not considered postsecondary students until they matriculate to a postsecondary institution. Technical Competency Credit is NOT eligible for Fast Forward program, but the cost to student is $10 per credit.