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Child Abuse

Reporting Requirements
According to Idaho Code 16-1619 any person, including school personnel, having reason to believe that a child under the age of eighteen (18) years has been abused, abandoned or neglected or who observes the child being subjected to conditions or circumstances which would reasonably result in abuse, abandonment or neglect shall report or cause to be reported within twenty-four (24) hours such conditions or circumstances to the proper law enforcement agency or to the Department of Health and Welfare.

Definitions of “abused, “abandoned” and “neglected is found in Idaho Code 16-1602.


Sharing Among Professionals

Do you have resources or thoughts that you want to share with your colleagues regarding child abuse and reporting? Contact us with your thoughts and copies of those resources. Put "Child Abuse Toolkit Resources" in the subject line. If the material is appropriate for this website, it will be added to this page!